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Mentally strong people handle life's challenges with grace, determination, and resourcefulness.

They treat obstacles like an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve into a stronger version of themselves.

Are you mentally strong? I don't know. Let's explore that question together. Here are sixteen signs you're a mentally strong person.

1. You are a fighter.

You're not a pushover.

You don't tolerate poor treatment.

Mentally strong people aren't afraid of a fight.

When someone violates their boundaries, they speak up.

If they hear about untrue accusations, they defend themselves.

2. You lift people up.

You don't see enemies and competitors everywhere.

Instead, you see future friends and collaborators.

You don't feel jealous of other people's success.

A standing ovation is your default response.

Mentally strong people don't envy others.

They celebrate the triumphs of friends.

And do their best to learn from them.

3. You accept change.

"Different" isn't always better.

But it's not always a bad thing either.

Good or bad, you accept change when it comes.

This is especially true for decisions you can't influence.

Mentally strong people don't resist reality. They adjust to it.

4. You never surrender.

"Quit" isn't in your vocabulary. You pursue goals with tenacity and relentlessness.

You're more persistent than a cat chasing a laser pointer on the floor.

Mentally strong people don't give up when their first strategy fails.

They make a new strategy and try again. And again. And again...

It might not be fast or easy; but in time, they find a way to win.


5. You welcome dissent.

You're not attached to your opinions.

You perceive them as a work in progress.

If someone disagrees, you don't get triggered.

You make an effort to understand their perspective.

As a result, you can emphasize with folks on both sides.

Mentally strong people don't see the world in black and white.

They know every individual's context or situation creates shades of gray.

6. You think for yourself.

You don't assume every news story you see is true. Journalists have agendas, too.

Powerful entities aren't a fan of critical thinkers. They'd prefer you to be a sheep.

Mentally strong people don't let the media or politicians assign their opinions.

And they don't automatically believe whatever's popular with their in-group.

They analyze the evidence for themselves and put logic before emotion.

7. You provide for others.

I admire every mom and dad.

My life is on "easy" mode compared to them.

Raising and providing for a son or daughter is no joke.

The annual cost is $17,000 (more than I spend on any expense).

That adds pressure, which responsible parents manage without batting an eye.

Parents deserve the highest praise, but providing for any living creature takes mental strength.

Being broke or selfish isn't an option. You have to deliver, because other beings are counting on you.

8. You take calculated risks.

Mentally strong people take smart risks, because there's no other way to earn rewards.

They don't take stupid risks on games of chance like lottery tickets or slot machines.

But they'll bet on a career pivot or side hustle with some serious potential upside.

Starting a business has never been easier. All you need is a domain and website.

Guess how much this website costs? $12 per year. Add $120 or so for hosting.

The new PlayStation 5 is projected to cost five times that amount (with tax).

Betting on yourself doesn't seem so scary when you crunch the numbers.


9. You say what others won't.

You know conformity is a disease.

It prevents people from speaking their minds.

As a consequence, serious problems don't get addressed.

If you've ever suffered from a mental illness, you know what I mean.

Meaningful dialogue is impossible, because there's such a stigma attached.

We throw around statements like: "Mental health matters." But do we mean it?

Talk about your mental illness in specific terms and people become uncomfortable.

Even worse, be open about your struggles in public and you'll get labeled "unemployable."

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, having a mental illness makes it hard to get hired.

People with schizophrenia are harmed the most. Their unemployment rate hovers between 70 and 90 percent.

We must solve this problem as a society. Otherwise, all our talk about "diversity" and "inclusion" is a mere delusion.

10. You crave a good challenge.

Mentally strong people don't pursue a comfortable life. Otherwise, they wouldn't have gained mental strength.

Strength can't be developed without resistance. That's the concept of weight lifting explained in a sentence.

Mental and physical strength work the same way. They're born from the process of challenging yourself.

Avoiding challenges is counterproductive. You'll cheat yourself out of a transformative experience.

Your favorite band or musician wasn't born with a special talent. They built talent with practice.

The songs you adore today? I bet they're a thousand times better than their first composition.

To achieve greatness in any realm, you must be willing to suck for weeks or months.

Don't fear challenges. Embrace them. They're here to help you grow.

11. You require zero supervision.

You don't need to be supervised.

You'd rather be left to your own devices.

Micromanagement doesn't help you. It hinders.

Mentally strong people are capable of being their own boss.

Business? Day job? It doesn't matter. They hold themselves accountable.

12. You start hard conversations.

Mentally strong people don't dodge difficult conversations with friends, family, or significant others.

Avoidance is effective in the short-term. But it only magnifies problems in the long-term.

Imagine a relationship where you don't talk about the biggest questions.

How do you feel about marriage? Do you want to have children?

The sooner you talk about these topics, the better off you'll be.

Why risk wasting your time with an incompatible partner?

No good reason. Address the big stuff now (not later).


13. You teach yourself new skills.

Learning doesn't stop in school.

Mentally strong people know this mantra is true.

They use online resources to create their own study plans.

Most skills and talents can easily be self-taught via the Internet.

For more structure, browse courses on websites like Udemy and Gumroad.

Months ago, I taught myself how to record videos with a transcript in an hour.

Weeks ago, I taught myself how to design website logos in the same amount of time.

Days ago, I taught myself how to create book covers (which will prove valuable soon!).

I didn't need a teacher. And you don't either. All you need to know? How to use Google well.

14. You enjoy spending time alone.

What's the difference between solitude and social isolation? Let's take a moment to differentiate them.

Social isolation deprives you of love and connection. It leads to depression and low self-esteem.

Solitude has a strategic purpose. You use alone time to journal, meditate, or learn a new skill.

The former consumes your day. The consequence is a lonely feeling you can't shake off.

The latter is a contained part of your day. The benefit is enhanced clarity and focus.

You must learn to enjoy your own company before your self-awareness will flourish.

To supplement your knowledge, click the previous link (note: it opens in a new tab).

15. You treat "failures" as "lessons."

You didn't fail.

You've never failed.

Failure isn't possible with the right mindset.

Eliminate the phrase from your vocabulary and replace it with "lesson."

If your plan doesn't work, diagnose the most likely cause and modify your approach.

No book is successful, because the first draft was perfect. It's the final draft that matters.

Publishing is 20% writing and 80% editing. The real magic happens during the process of revising.

You might have to try a hundred things that don't work before you finally identify the one thing that does.

Mentally strong people accept this truth. They don't stop adjusting until they have a masterpiece on their hands.

16. You play chess instead of checkers.

You're not obsessed with achieving a specific outcome by the end of today, this week, or even this month.

You think long-term and know any goal worth accomplishing will require a substantial amount of effort.

You'd never sacrifice your reputation by releasing a low quality product or service that isn't helpful.

Instead, you'll take the time to fine-tune your offer until it's precisely what your customers need.

Mentally strong people apply the same reasoning to their career and relationship goals.

They know personal and professional development are the best paths to success.

Endlessly applying for jobs and swiping through matches isn't very effective.

Especially true when a human doesn't prioritize continuous improvement.

Evolve into an individual who's 100% worth hiring, dating, or marrying.

Every time you level up, it gets easier to persuade people.

Learn in public and you'll attract opportunities to you.


Mentally strong people apply what they learn.

I encourage you to make a list of takeaways (now, not later).

Theory is great, but it's only beneficial when you apply it in real life.

If you'd like to learn any of the skills discussed here, bookmark this page.

Your future self will thank you later. I bet your friends want to be mentally strong, too.

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