Fiery Affirmations for a Happy, Healthy, and Successful Life

Mental strength helps you overcome even the worst obstacles.

Mental toughness gives you an ability to weather storms with a smile.

Guided mantras and affirmations are a reliable way to "reset" your mind's software.

Here are some meaningful statements worth memorizing. Live their truth for a happy and successful life.

"Nothing can break me."


Clark Kent discovered his life was built on a lie at the age of 18.

Peter Parker failed to stop a thief who murdered his uncle on the same day.

Bruce Wayne watched his parents get shot at point-blank range in a dark alley.

Superhero origin stories tend to involve a traumatic experience that alters their life.

The hero is then faced with two potential paths (and they always make the right decision).

Option A - Identify with the trauma so intensely that it defines your entire life.

Option B - Deal with the trauma and use it as a means of redefining yourself.

I'm not suggesting you should wear a bat costume and wage war on crime.

But you should be prepared to reinvent yourself when trauma strikes.

Superman, Spiderman, and Batman have one key thing in common.

They embraced a mission that gave their lives a greater meaning.

This is the only road to salvation from depression and apathy.

Mentally strong people know nothing can break them.

At least not without their permission.

"I am the CEO of my life."


Presidential elections are a great time to remind ourselves of this principle.

Regardless of who becomes president, the effect on you as an individual is minimal.

You are the only person with the power to improve your health, fitness, finances, career, and relationships.

Donald Trump can't help you. Joe Biden can't help you. The Democrats and Republicans don't care about you.

This is why I don't bother watching the news. Politicians don't give a crap about me. So why should I care about them?

CEO's don't have the time to follow every political scandal. They're too absorbed in the process of running their company.

They protect their time and energy, the two most precious resources available to any human being, regardless of who you are.

Embody the CEO mindset in your own endeavors. Never blame your troubles on another person or entity. Accept total responsibility.

"Challenges make me stronger."


Climbing a mountain is brutal.

Running a marathon is exhausting.

Starting a business is tough as hell.

Any challenge requires you to push yourself.

In the process, you evolve and gain new skills or capabilities.

You know how RPG characters gain experience points (XP) as the game progresses?

If it's been a while since you played one, imagine the game mechanics of Pokémon.

Each creature begins at their lowest level, such as Charmander the baby lizard.

As Charmander gains XP, he turns into Charizard the fire-breathing dragon.

Charizard wasn't born a dragon. He earned it by training with intensity.

Without challenges, no Pokémon would reach their full potential.

The same applies to people. Be grateful for every challenge.

They force you to become a stronger version of yourself.

Don't avoid challenges. Diligently seek them.

Your future self will thank you later.

"The Universe wants me to win."


Paranoia isn't fun. Believe me, I know. It's a symptom of bipolar disorder, which Madness and Me will discuss extensively.

For now, the short version: paranoia causes you to believe everyone and everything is actively conspiring against you.

Pronoia is a nice alternative. It's the opposite of paranoia. You think everyone and everything wants you to succeed.

Accurate? Not really. We all have at least one hater, enemy, or arch nemesis who'd love to see us lose badly.

Who cares? If you believe reality is designed in a way that benefits you, you'll see possibilities everywhere.

Pessimists often fail to identify opportunities, because they're too jaded to perceive the world accurately.

Optimists never fail to notice opportunities, because they're convinced the Universe wants them to win.

"Think of the solution, not the problem."


Memorizing this mantra helped me win a nasty fight with depression and suicidal thoughts.

I was absorbed in a bad situation. An early death felt like the only way to end my pain and suffering.

Thankfully, I resisted the temptation to commit suicide, even though I was seconds away from pulling the proverbial trigger.

In the ensuing weeks, I read a fantasy series titled the Sword of Truth. Sadly, the author (Terry Goodkind) passed away recently.

A woods guide named Richard discovers he's prophesized to become a war wizard. He dedicates his life to stopping evil fascists from gaining power.

Richard's grandfather Zedd -- also a wizard -- trains him in the arts of war and wizardry. Along the way, he drills helpful principles known as Wizard's Rules inside Richard's head.

The first rule resonated most: "Think of the solution, not the problem." Richard continuously gets in his own way by worrying about past situations and the problems they caused.

Zedd reminds him the past can't be unwritten, so it's foolish to dwell on. He helps Richard concentrate on the present and future, the only timelines where progress is a real possibility.

Richard gains resourcefulness as he focuses less on the problem itself and more on the question: "What actions could I take to solve this problem?"

I don't care how complex or challenging the problem is. Train yourself to automatically assume any problem can be solved.

Even if you fail to eliminate the problem altogether, you'll assuredly find a way to minimize the consequences.

"I have direct access to the source code of life."


Source code is a fancy word programmers use to describe the commands that make your computer, smartphone, and any app or website you use behave correctly.

If you believe in God or a Higher Power of any kind, then it's safe to assume you also believe in Intelligent Design. See this Creator as the programmer of reality.

The Creator is responsible for every atom in the Universe. They used the same material to create you, your pet, the trees outside, and even the sky above.

In other words, all lifeforms are connected. Every human being, wild animal, plant or vegetable, and force of nature are made with the same divine stuff.

Furthermore, you're no different than massively successful people such as Elon Musk at your core. So who says you can't be super successful, too?

"Life is like a video game. You can always continue."


Temporary defeat is no reason to give up on your dreams.

Is every idea great? Nope. But you only need a few good ideas to win.

Treat life like a video game. If you lose, all you have to do is press "Continue."

Imagine the final boss battle with Bowser. Would you quit the first time he set Mario on fire? Absolutely not!

You'd try again, watch his moves, and learn how to evade them. Victory might not come fast or easy, but you wouldn't surrender.

Life is exactly the same. Long-term success isn't determined by your initial actions. What matters is your ability to adjust based on feedback.

Reframe "failures" as "lessons." You might require many lessons before you find the right path. And that's fine. There isn't a time limit. You don't lose until you quit.

Mantras aren't magic. But they sure do help.

Negative thoughts are the worst.

You can't just delete them from your mental memory.

They have to be replaced. Mantras and affirmations serve this purpose.

Memorize a mantra that resonates with you and express its truth through your daily actions.

To supplement your newfound knowledge, read this article about boosting your mood and mental health (note #5 and #6 in particular).

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